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Studio Goss' talented staff have contributed to properties ranging from video games to syndicated television shows to Hollywood motion pictures.

But we're not only about the "spotlight". Studio Goss provides the same level of quality service to behind-the-scenes projects like investor demos, market test samples, and instructional videos.

Current Projects: Max Fitness- Character Design/Animation
  Epic Energy (in house)- Production
  Enchanter's Keep (in house)- Production

Staff Credits: Jacob Velazquez's First Music Video- Animation Dir.
  Get Smart (Warner Bros)- Previsualization
  T-Shirt Express- Animation
  Tastee Goal (Tastee Ltd)- Animation
  The Game Room (Exodus Ent)- Production
  Van-Pires Transform (A.G.E.)- Animation
  Call of Duty (Activision)- Animation
  Spongebob Squarepants (THQ)- Animation
  Harry Potter (Mattel)- Animation
  Kinder-Garden Babies (A.G.E.)- Animation
  Witchaven (Capstone Software)- 3D Modeling/VFX